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Overview of Products Available for Purchase

The following options are available for obtaining the photos taken during the USIR competitions in Atlanta by the Ron Tencati Photography team:

A variety of print sizes are available to suit your tastes:
  • Wallet Photos, 4x6, 5x7, 8x10, and 8x12 standard print sizes
  • Large prints such as 16x20
Photo orders may be combined into the shopping cart from any album you see on this website. Most photos are UNCROPPED, so please be sure to CROP the photo during the checkout process for the given print size you are ordering. This helps to eliminate distracting elements in the photo and emphasize the focus on the dancer. Photos were left uncropped to accommodate multiple cropping sizes.

Photos are printed and sent directly to you by my professional lab. All photos ordered together are combined and charged ONE shipping fee via the method you choose at checkout. Custom Metallic Paper and B&W prints are fulfilled by a different lab and are subject to a separate shipping charge.

For print sizes not shown on the main ordering screen, click on "Show All Products" at the bottom-right of your screen underneath the price list shown.

Digital Downloads
For those who wish to post photos online or print their own photos using the lab of choice, two different download resolutions are available for any photo.
  • Lo-Resolution: This is suitable for posting online (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc)
  • Hi-Resolution: This is suitable for printing at your local print lab. Hi-Resolution photos will print nicely to 8x10 or 8x12.

Photo CD
There are several options available for having a Photo CD made with ALL the photos taken of a particular dancer:
  • Single Dancer from any Single Day of the Competition
  • Multiple dancers from the SAME FAMILY from any single competition day.
  • All Photos of a SINGLE Dancer from the ENTIRE COMPETITION
  • All Photos of all members of the SAME FAMILY from the ENTIRE COMPETITION

To order a CD, simply view any ONE photo from any album and then select the appropriate CD option from the price list on the right. Our staff will use the competitor number(s) to locate and include all available photos for the given CD being ordered.

Duplicate Photo CDs may be ordered at the same time. Two options are available depending on whether your original order was a Single, or Family/Full Competition CD. A separate shipping fee applies to CD orders.

Please note that award photos and formal posed photos are NOT INCLUDED on the CDs with the exception of portraits taken at the Opening Banquet. Those other photos must be purchased as prints or downloads.

Memory Mate (Shown Below - Click Thumbnail to Enlarge)
The Memory Mate prints as an 8x10 photo collage. It features the USIR competition banner across the top of the photo, a photo of Bagpiper Brian Green taken during the competition, and a 5x7 photo of your choice inset into the collage.

When ordering the Memory Mate, you will drag-and-drop your chosen photo onto the template. Once your photo is placed, you can click on it and then use the sliders provided to zoom and re-position the photo to fit the template. This allows you to emphasize the dancer and eliminate distractions. You can select multiple photos and switch between them to see which you like best in the template.

The Memory Mate collage makes a great keepsake and souvenir from the competition and we are pleased to offer it as an option.
The Memory Mate will be combined with any print order is not charged any separate print shipping fee.

Thank you!! We appreciate your business!
Memory Mate Sample

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