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The photos in this folder are in time-order but are mixed among the different cameras and photographers. As a result, photos from individual stages and dancers are intertwined, however the photo sequences follow the general dance order so dancer photos should be grouped within a small range within each dance category to aid in your locating your photos.

Please be sure to CROP your photos as desired during checkout.

You may order individual prints, digital downloads (two resolutions), or a choice of CD options. If you order a Single Day CD, you will receive the relevant photos from both the morning and afternoon dance albums from the same day. If you wish photos from multiple days, please be sure to order the appropriate Full Competition CD. You may order a duplicate CD as an "add-on" but only if an original CD is purchased at the same time. Please allow 7-10 days for CDs to be created and mailed.

Apologies for the ugly watermark across the displayed photos. Prior copyright violations via screen capture have necessitated the use of a restrictive watermark. Please do not use photos without purchasing a print or a licensed download.

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