If you purchase a digital download of my photo, you are being granted a personal use license. You are not being sold "ownership" of the photo. I am the copyright owner for all photos on this website. Personal use means you may display it on YOUR social media page or you may print a copy for YOUR use. You MAY NOT submit it to magazines, contests, or for any other commercial use without written permission and license.

The photos in this album follow the main program skating order. A total of four different camera bodies were used to capture the skating action from two vantage points on the ice. The camera times have been synchronized as closely as possible between them and the photos renamed for uniformity.

Most photos are uncropped to allow you to crop them as desired during checkout when ordering prints.

Digital downloads will be as-shown with no cropping. Two resolutions are available: Low-resolution (for posting on social media or emailing) and high-resolution (for ordering your own prints).

The rink lighting was a bit challenging this year. If you would like any photo re-edited BEFORE you print or download it, please contact me and I'll be happy to edit and replace any image in the gallery with an updated version!

If you order a CD, You will get ALL photos of the skater you choose. If your child also skated in Synchro, you will also receive the entire group of photos for your child's synchro group along with photos from their regular routine.

Apologies for the ugly watermark across the photos on my website. Prior problems necessitated its use. Purchased prints, CD, or digital downloads will not have any watermarks.
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