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These are the photos from the first skating group (before the intermission) The photograph order follows the skating program.

Prints that you order will be mailed directly to you. You will select your preferred shipping choice at checkout. Prints are mailed directly to you by the photo lab. A variety of shipping options are available from the lab.

Don't forget to crop your prints tighter during checkout if you would like!

You may order either individual photo prints, or an Event CD that contains ALL the digital photos taken of all skaters in your family who performed during the event. The multi-day CD shown on the pricelist is not applicable for this event.

For the CD option, select any photo, and order one CD. You will specify representative photos at Checkout. All photos of your family member(s) will automatically be added. Duplicate CDs may be purchased via the "Add On CD" option. CDs are produced and mailed directly by the photographer.

For digital downloads, you can make multiple transactions if that is easier for you. There are no additional fees charged on orders for downloads.

Apologies for the ugly watermarks. I have had problems in the past with illegal screenshots being taken and used without purchase, necessitating the use of the watermarks.

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