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The obligation of Professional Photographers in online or in Facebook or Meetup groups is to educate those people who are less informed than you. That goes beyond teaching newcomers about camera settings, exposure triangles, and lighting. That also includes teaching what’s acceptable and what’s not acceptable. Teaching them morals and to be ETHICAL photographers and to never put themselves or their clients into any situation where someone’s safety could be at risk.

Taking pictures on railroad tracks in the United States is ILLEGAL. It’s trespassing on land that is privately owned by the various railway companies and it puts both the photographer and their friends or clients at risk of being cited for misdemeanor trespass violation and also can put everyone’s physical safety at risk. ALL the major railways in the USA (Amtrak, CSX, BNSF, Union Pacific, and Southern Pacific) have published restrictions against taking pictures on their railroad tracks, trestles, and bridges. Many railway companies and news organizations have published numerous articles and stories detailing how it’s not always possible to “hear a train coming”. Union Pacific has a whole program called Operation Lifesaver that is dedicated to raising awareness against trespassing or photographing on their tracks. Railway companies take these risks VERY SERIOUSLY. Photographers and clients have been KILLED while taking pictures on railroad tracks. Laws and rules are there for a reason.

Professional and seasoned photographers know this and should be working to educate their less-knowledgeable colleagues on the rules and dangers. They shouldn’t be posting their own railroad track photos to make fun of the laws or those people who try to educate the up-and-comers in the community.

Even railroad tracks that are no longer used are still laid on land that is privately owned. It doesn’t matter whether a train is present or not, nor if one will ever come. Unless you are in a park or a railway museum that has display tracks specially installed, it is against the law to be on railroad tracks, anywhere. PERIOD.

The problem with posting pictures and claiming: “oh, those tracks are decommissioned”, is that you still trespassed to take the photo and the less-educated people in your groups will think it’s okay for them to take pictures on tracks too because nobody educated them any differently. We have an obligation to educate. To be ethical. To set good examples.

Ethics is what you do when nobody is watching. 



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Setting the Record Straight During the 2014 Powerade State Games figure skating competition for which I was hired as the Official Photographer, the local ice rink management decided to allow access to a rival photography company during the live competition so they could "practice shoot" - despite the rink's prior assurances to me that the other company would not be allowed to be present - a company that already covered hockey and is well-skilled at photographing fast-moving objects wearing ice skates.  Last year, when a different photography company was covering figure skating at the State Games as the Official Photographer, I wasn't even allowed to bring my camera into the building, and outside photography by anyone other than coaches and parents was prohibited.  But times change, I suppose.


I filed a complaint on the day of the event, but the only person in authority that I could find to file it with was the person who let them in and who saw no issue. As it was a busy day, I returned to my coverage of the event and completed a 17-hour shooting day. After the event, I filed a formal complaint with the State Games sponsor.  I also posted a rant on my personal Facebook page because I felt betrayed by having been lied to.


The rink management takes no responsibility and in retaliation for my actions, has banned me from doing any further photography of any ice sports at their rink. The company that was allowed to "practice shoot" has taken over shooting figure skating events for the rink (who didn't see THAT coming?), and the rink owner and their family members have blocked me on Facebook. So if you notice that I have suddenly "disappeared" from the scene and you are being told a different story - herein is the truth.


While I was fortunate to have had sales from the events I covered, being a one-person company often meant my expenses were higher due to hiring additional qualified photographers to assist and renting gear for larger events. It was largely a Labor of Love for me when all was said and done.


I am not sorry that I stood up for myself and my principles. I would do it again. Integrity is important to me.
I am not mentioning the name of the rink or of any persons involved because that is not the issue.


I sincerely want to thank all the figure skaters whom I have photographed over the last few years. Watching you grow and improve has been a humbling and inspirational experience.   And special thanks to all the parents, grandparents, and supporters who have purchased my CDs and photos. You have made it possible for me to improve my photography skills and also to upgrade my equipment so that I could take and deliver even better competition photos.


I fully understand with politics being what they are, that I may lose more friends over this issue since the affiliation between skaters and the rink may force some people to shun me, as the rink management has, in order to stay in favor at the rink.  I forgive you and I fully understand. Thank you for your prior support and friendship. 


I was a freelance photographer before covering the local ice events and I'm still a freelance photographer after that chapter has closed.  I will approach all work with the integrity and professionalism that is my character. Photography is not my full-time job; But it is my hobby and passion.


For those who are willing to continue to support me - I offer modeling shoots, head shots, high school senior photos, prom photos, Bar/Bat Mitzvah coverage, engagement and wedding coverage, as well as custom photo shoots which can range from boudoir and burlesque genre, corporate events, or individual sports coverage. I've shot museum openings, theater awards ceremonies, and even truck and tractor pulls!


My very best wishes to my loyal customers and supporters!


With appreciation,

Ron Tencati
/Ron Tencati Photography


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Prom Season! I absolutely LOVE prom season!  Contact me for your photoshoot today!


I can do couples, groups, or individual photoshoots!


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Weddings! Wedding Season is Here!


This year, I'm privileged to photograph 5 weddings throughout the year.  I truly love the opportunity to capture a couple's special day. As the photographer, I have the unique honor of seeing the bride in her wedding gown while she's getting ready. I often get to see her before her father or her groom.  It's always an honor to be able to capture the moments leading up to the ceremony while the bride and groom are each getting themselves ready for their big day!


There are always precious moments to capture!

In the end, it's always a happy occasion and a privilege to document!    

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Yes, I do Senior Pix and Headshots! I've had the pleasure of doing some great senior portrait sessions over the past year with some really great people. I also offer headshot packages that can be used in modeling or acting portfolios.

A typical senior or portrait session is done outdoors in a nice setting.  I know of several scenic places in both North Carolina and South Carolina that provide great backdrops to suit just about every kind of theme or desire.  Sessions usually last anywhere from 2 to 3 hours and feature several different locations, poses, and clothing changes if desired.

Headshot sessions are typically only an hour or so long and actually feature both traditional "head and shoulders" shots plus 3/4 body photos which can be used as-is or cropped tighter depending on the client's wishes.

I also do custom portrait photography and have a full set of studio lighting and modifiers that can be packed and set up anywhere using a battery pack.

I enjoy getting outdoors and shooting!

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Kaleidoscope On Ice ! Wow!  What a Fantastic Event!!


It was truly an honor to capture some moments during the recent CBS Kaleidoscope On Ice show, taped for broadcast at the Bojangles Coliseum in Charlotte, NC this past November.  The program was sponsored by the Levine Cancer Center and was a benefit for cancer research and to celebrate survivors.

While I can't publish most of the photos I shot of the professional skaters because of license restrictions, I'll just say that being able to photograph the skaters from the Carolina's Figure Skating Club, the Extreme Ice Center, and several Olympic and World Figure Skating champions that I grew up watching on television is something that I will never forget and won't be able to top for a very long time!


My sincere thanks to Deborah and Danielle Logano and to Jen Hoctor for the opportunity to cover this beautiful and worthwhile event!


Below: Olympic Silver Medalist, Nancy Kerrigan skates to a performance by country music singer, Jana Kramer!


Below, Olympic Silver Medalist, Sasha Cohen takes everyone's breath away with her beautiful skating performance.

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Figure Skating!


The weekend of September 15 and 16, I had the pleasure of covering the 2012 John Smith Memorial figure skating competition at the Extreme Ice Center, in Indian Trail, NC.   All I can say is... WOW!  These kids have some awesome talent!

It was such an honor to watch these future Olympians compete!

The weekend was not without its challenges for my team.  Two rinks going simultaneously with occasions when they were divided in half so that competitions could occur on both ends of a rink at the same time.  Special thanks to the team of photographers that assisted in covering the event:

  • Jim Pierson
  • Myra Wilson
  • Jessie Wipple

There were 230 individual skaters who competed during the two day event. Our team captured over 16,000 photos in total. I culled through them and we posted just over 8,800.  I learned that it takes a lonnnnnggg  time to upload almost 9,000 photos to an internet based website! I thank all the parents for their patience as they waited for the photos to be uploaded.

Thank you too, to the team of coaches and staff of the Extreme Ice Center and to the Carolinas Figure Skating Club for putting on such a lovely event! 

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